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Sorenson Express: On-Demand ASL Interpreting 

For unplanned conversations, Sorenson Express on-demand video remote interpreting is your instant solution to connect with Deaf customers and employees.

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ASL Interpreting Right When You Need It 

You can’t always predict when you’ll need a sign language interpreter, so Sorenson Express is your solution for on-demand American Sign Language (ASL) interpreting services. With Sorenson Express, simply press a button or scan a QR code to instantly add our qualified ASL interpreters to your conversation. You’ll delight customers and engage employees with an authentic and visible commitment to accessibility and inclusion.

Sorenson Express offers unmatched flexibility to meet your sudden or brief communication needs when scheduled interpreting services wouldn’t be a good fit. Use it when you need it on a phone, tablet, in Zoom, or Microsoft Teams.

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The simplest way to understand what on-demand interpreting can do for your organization is to see it in action. Try Sorenson Express for a month — on us — to see the impact for yourself.

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Sorenson Express On-Demand Interpreting Benefits

Sorenson Express for Customers

Answer questions, inquire about needs and preferences, and recommend products and services with the same level of exceptional customer service for Deaf customers that you make a priority for hearing customers. An equitable, accessible customer experience is at your fingertips with on-demand ASL video remote interpreting. Empower your employees to succeed while earning customer loyalty with your commitment to inclusion.

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Sorenson Express for Employees

Support seamless communication between Deaf and hearing colleagues for an inclusive and collaborative workplace. When you can’t schedule an interpreter in advance, Express allows Deaf and hearing employees to get an interpreter on the fly for impromptu meetings, when urgent matters arise, or when they simply need to talk through an issue. Companies that leverage the full extent of their teams’ perspectives, experiences, and talents achieve better outcomes and inclusive workplaces.

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For the Public

Mutual understanding is vital in public services like health care, education, and government. On-demand video remote interpreting fills the gaps when on-site interpreting and scheduled VRI aren’t available or aren’t appropriate so you can always provide ADA-compliant communication accessibility with urgency and agility for patients, students, and constituents.

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How it works on iOS and Android

At enterprises that have Sorenson Express, one click on an iOS® or Android® device is all it takes to request an interpreter for ASL-to-English or ASL-to-Spanish. A qualified interpreter appears on screen within moments and relays signed and spoken conversations, connecting Deaf and hearing users with a comfortable and frictionless experience.

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How it works on Zoom and Microsoft Teams

Sorenson Express integrations for Zoom and Microsoft Teams let you add ASL interpreters to your virtual or hybrid meetings on-demand. Deliver communication equity for an inclusive and collaborative workplace culture that attracts and retains top talent.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions we don’t cover here, our team is happy to fill in the blanks. You can reach us via the form below.

Sorenson Express, our on-demand video interpreting service, enables you to get an interpreter when and where you need one without having to schedule in advance. It’s like having full-time interpreting staff at a fraction of the cost. On-demand interpreting with Sorenson Express allows you to service Deaf customers at the same level you support hearing patrons. In the workplace, Sorenson Express on-demand VRI enables signed and spoken collaboration even for last-minute meetings, when you forget to schedule interpreting in advance, or when you didn’t realize you’d need an interpreter beforehand. It eliminates the need to reschedule meetings because you didn’t arrange for an interpreter and ensures you can collaborate across languages in any meeting.

We have a team of highly trained ASL interpreters ready to step up whenever you need service. When you use Sorenson Express to request an interpreter, one will accept an invitation and join within moments.    

Businesses and organizations can sign up for Sorenson Express with a Sorenson account. Click here to start the Sorenson account setup process. Once you have an account, simply install our app to invite an interpreter on your device.  

Deaf individuals who want to use Sorenson Express as a customer or employee can access the service only if the business or organization has signed up. If the place you want to use Sorenson Express doesn’t offer it yet, you can suggest it directly to the company or suggest it to us as a business to reach out to. 

Sorenson offers VRI services for any situation. Sorenson Express on-demand video remote interpreting supports in-person conversations between Deaf and hearing participants — for customer support in retail, banking, hospitality, and government as well as employee communication — and remote meetings via video conferencing platforms. 

For now, Sorenson Express is available to businesses and organizations in the U.S. with plans to expand globally.  

People confuse ASL translation and interpreting all the time:

  • ASL interpreters relay statements in signed and spoken language. For example, when you use Sorenson Express our interpreters can pass messages between ASL and English or ASL and Spanish.
  • ASL translators work between written and signed language. Most often, they’re transforming a source text into ASL for a Deaf person who isn’t fluent in the written language.

Sorenson provides a full suite of interpreting and translation services. Fill out our form, and the appropriate member of our team will reach out about the services you’re interested in.


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