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CaptionCall Mobile Caption App for Veterans

Don’t sweat phone calls — caption them. No-cost, real-time mobile captioning restores your confidence and self-dependence to take care of calls wherever you are.

Your No-Cost, Real-Time Caption App for Mobile

Pick up the phone wherever you are and catch every word of your calls with the CaptionCall Mobile captioning app. Award-winning technology turns spoken language into real-time captions on your smartphone that you can read like a text message thread.

To everyone else, you using CaptionCall Mobile will appear to be a typical mobile call with speakerphone. Accurate call captions appear instantly for natural conversation with no lag, and the app uses Artificial Intelligence (AI), so your conversations are completely private.

CaptionCall Mobile is a streamlined workhorse with essential, functional features you’ll use:

  • Voicemail captioning
  • Captioned call transcripts
  • English or Spanish captions and user interface
  • Adjustable text size and color

CaptionCall Mobile is a no-cost app for people with hearing loss who need captions to use the phone. If you qualify for CaptionCall Mobile and also have a home phone, you can sign up for CaptionCall to get captions on those calls too with our landline caption phone.

CaptionCall Mobile Benefits and Features

CaptionCall Mobile

The CaptionCall Mobile app allows you to take call captioning anywhere you take your smartphone. Whether you have an active lifestyle and need captions on the go or you don’t have a landline phone, CaptionCall Mobile offers fast, accurate captions on your Android or iOS device. 

CaptionCall Mobile with new UI

Download CaptionCall Mobile app 

You can register and self-certify from within the mobile app and make your first call within minutes

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