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Lumina Videophone,
a Reliable Video Relay Experience

With Sorenson’s fifth-generation videophone, you get our best Deaf-centric hardware and software. You will enjoy conversations displayed in exceptional resolution and customized to your specifications.

A Step Above with Lumina Videophone

Sorenson makes your satisfaction with your VRS experience our priority. We don’t just accept things as they are—we put creativity and energy into imagining how communication should be. 

When you use Lumina VP, you get Deaf-centric engineering coupled with thoughtful design to ensure you have easy setup and simple navigation. The Quick-Call button is so convenient. It enables you to place or answer a VRS call without using the remote, and has buttons to contact Sorenson Customer Care right from your videophone.

Benefits and Features of Lumina VP

Lumina VP

You will enjoy the flexibility and ease of Lumina at home, school, or work—wherever you have a television and Sorenson VRS.

With Lumina VP, you get maximum resolution from your TV screen size, customizable settings for the LightRing and interface, plus great features users love across all their Sorenson products: SignMail, MyPhone group, and call transfer.

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Where Will You Use Your Lumina VP?

Your conversations don’t only happen in one room—install Lumina on any TV and get VRS.


Put your Lumina in your living room, kitchen, or the home office.


Lumina is the must-have dorm room addition. Don't leave home without it.


Whatever your job is, Lumina fits in at your desk or your break room.


Have a firewall? Lumina is encrypted for optimum security.

Need Help?

Our support resources and user guides can answer your questions or resolve issues with your Sorenson service and products, outages, and international travel.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you can’t find the answer to your question here, try our support page.

A videophone is a standalone device that connects to the internet and streams both video and audio. It functions similarly to conferencing software such as Zoom, Teams, etc. Sorenson videophones are specially created for and provided to Deaf consumers so that they can call hearing people through an American Sign Language interpreter.

If you are a current Sorenson Video Relay customer, you are already on the list and we’ll contact you when your new videophone is ready. If you are not a current Sorenson Video Relay customer, you can apply for a Sorenson Video Relay account below.

Download our info sheet for Lumina’s technical specifications.

You can use any TV 720p and up.

Order a Sorenson Lumina VP

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