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Sound Off Project for Veterans

Sound Off Project: Resources for Veteran Hearing Loss

For service members or Veterans with hearing loss, this is a space to find understanding, community, and support, including no-cost call captioning for home and mobile.

Introducing Sound Off Project

The Sound Off Project (SOP) rose from your stories: shared experiences from millions of Veterans battling hearing loss alone. CaptionCall by Sorenson launched SOP to offer solutions and resources, but more than that, as a place for you to find connection. Here, camaraderie overpowers isolation, uniting a formidable and resilient community whose collective strength powers each other through to happier, healthier lives. Sign up for CaptionCall »

America's Most Trusted Captioning Telephone Service for Veterans with Hearing Loss

If you have a hard time hearing people on the phone, call captioning may be a solution. Sorenson offers real-time, exceptionally accurate captioning of phone calls and voicemail for landline and mobile at no cost to you. 

If you need call captioning to use the phone because of your hearing loss, you can sign up for our CaptionCall service and specially designed caption phone to make phone calls clear, efficient, and stress-free.

Even better: you’re in control. You can ask your VA audiologist about how captions fit your hearing-loss situation. When you’re ready to try CaptionCall, you can self-certify your need for call captioning, so there’s no waiting on insurance or the VA for approval.

Veterans Sound Off About Call Captioning

Listen to fellow Veterans’ experiences with hearing loss and using CaptionCall.

Tawanna Jones

US Army

Owen Spurling

VFW District 4 commander *, DAV Idaho

Frank Perez

Vietnam Veterans of America

Sean Habina

Vietnam Veterans of America

CaptionCall Mobile no-cost call captioning for Veterans

Why is There No Cost for CaptionCall? 

Sorenson’s call captioning services are part of a federally funded program for people with hearing loss who need captioning to use the phone effectively. The FCC collects the funds from telecommunications companies — often passed on through TRS fees on consumer phone bills — to cover the costs. Call captioning is one of the federal programs military service members and Veterans may be entitled to.

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CaptionCall & CaptionCall Mobile Benefits and Features

CaptionCall by Sorenson

CaptionCall is your call captioning solution for your home phone. When you sign up for CaptionCall, we provide our complimentary CaptionCall phone as part of the service. It works like a regular phone, but has a large touchscreen that displays scrolling text of your conversation for clear caption phone calls.

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CaptionCall phone for people with hearing loss

Frequently Asked Questions 

If you have questions we don’t answer here, you can find more FAQs on our captioning services page and support page or contact our excellent Customer Care team.

If you have hearing loss that makes it difficult to hear people on the phone and need captions to understand your calls, then you qualify for the service. You can (and must) self-certify that need when you register for CaptionCall.

Valid question. You have options. We strive to offer the best.

Sorenson is the number one call captioning provider in the U.S., and we credit that to our fast and accurate captioning, innovative technology, user-friendly interfaces, and outstanding customer support.

When you sign up for CaptionCall, you get our renowned Red Carpet Service, with complimentary delivery, installation, and training on how to use the CaptionCall phone.  

We listen to user feedback to continuously add and update features for CaptionCall to provide the best possible user experience.  

Download CaptionCall Mobile app 

You can register and self-certify from within the mobile app and make your first call within minutes

Get started with CaptionCall by Sorenson

If you need captions to use the phone because of your hearing loss, fill out the form to get our CaptionCall service and phone at no cost. You can also reach us at (833) 691-1600.

*The appearance of VFW members does not imply a VFW endorsement of services.