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Sorenson is a global language service provider and the world’s leading communication servicer for Deaf and hard-of-hearing people

What we do

Combining patented technology and people-centric services, we make communication accessible for all: connecting signed and spoken languages and clarifying speech with captioning  

What we do

Combining patented technology and people-centric services, we connect signed and spoken languages and make

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Video Relay Service (VRS)

Call Captioning

Video Relay Service (VRS)

Sorenson VRS makes calls between Deaf and hearing people easy, with multiple options for interpreted video calls: our beloved Lumina videophone, mobile apps for Android and iOS, as well as apps for PC and mac.

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captioning phones and mobile captioning app

Call Captioning

Our phone call captioning service allows people with qualified hearing loss to take back control of their phone calls with clear, accurate, instant conversion of speech to text on a landline or mobile device.

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Sorenson Scoops

first videophone for the Deaf, #1 VRS provider

VRS Pioneer

20 years ago, Sorenson used its background in innovative tech to create the first videophone by Deaf designers for Deaf users, launching VRS services to connect Deaf and hearing people over the phone

Our History

CaptionCall is available in the United States ONLY. FEDERAL LAW PROHIBITS ANYONE BUT REGISTERED USERS WITH HEARING LOSS FROM USING INTERNET PROTOCOL (IP) CAPTIONED TELEPHONES WITH THE CAPTIONS TURNED ON. IP captioned telephone service may use a live operator. The operator generates captions of what the other party to the call says. These captions are then sent to your phone. There is a cost for each minute of captions generated, paid from a federally administered fund. No costs are passed along to individuals who qualify for the service. The CaptionCall phone remains the property of CaptionCall in order to provide ongoing support, service, and upgrades. ©2023 CaptionCall, LLC. All rights reserved. Patent information: CaptionCall and the spiral mark are registered trademarks of CaptionCall, LLC.