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Accessible Language Solutions for Business

More than a mandate or buzzword, accessibility is your path to opportunity. See how easy it is to reach customers, employees, and partners with inclusive solutions. 

Communication Is Key. Improve Yours with ASL Interpreter Support.

You already know why it’s essential to embrace accessible solutions to ensure efficient, clear communication: 

Everyone wants to feel like they belong. 

Whether it’s your Deaf employees, customers, or prospective partners, when you take the lead on inclusive communication, it signals they’re in the right place. It breeds positive associations, relationships, and loyalty. And when you adopt solutions to improve hard-of-hearing and Deaf accessibility, you’re supporting communication building for your entire team. 

When you need an ASL interpreter, you have a full range of Sorenson communication solutions to suit your particular circumstances. Choose from on-site (face-to-face) interpreting as well as both scheduled video remote interpreting and on-demand virtual sign language interpreter services.

We can help you decide which interpreting services are the best fit for you to provide optimum customer service, effective employee communication, and seamless experiences that position your organization as a DEI leader. 

Sorenson Accessibility Solutions Comparison

Scheduled Video Remote Interpreting (VRI)

Schedule sign language interpreting over video via high-speed internet connection. VRI offers interpreter selection and specialization to meet particular language and industry needs without the travel time and costs of arranging on-site services, making regular interpreting service convenient.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions we don’t cover here, our team is happy to fill in the blanks. You can reach us via the form below.

Sorenson began interpreting video phone calls in 2003, revolutionizing remote Deaf and hearing communication. We’re the #1 provider of video relay services for the Deaf in the U.S.

Later, Sorenson expanded into offering on-site interpreting and then, with the proliferation of video conferencing software, video remote interpreting (VRI) to allow organizations to provide accessible and inclusive communication for the Deaf and hard of hearing community.

This will vary by which services you select and whether you have a Sorenson account yet. If you don’t have a Sorenson account, fill out the form below now so a member of our team can start working on getting you set up. 

Once you’re registered for Sorenson services, connecting with an interpreter will depend on which solution you’re using: 

VRI: schedule your interpreting request hours or days in advance to ensure an interpreter is ready immediately when your session begins. 

Sorenson Express: once you’ve installed and set up the app, your interpreter will appear within moments of clicking the request button. 

On-site Interpreting: schedule your interpreting request days or weeks in advance to ensure availability and time for travel arrangements, and your interpreter will be ready immediately when your session begins. 

If you schedule video remote interpreting (VRI) for a conference, Sorenson can work with nearly any video conferencing platform.

  1. Our interpreters: Sorenson employs the largest private sign language interpreting workforce in the world — a team of exceptional, dedicated, and qualified professionals. We also provide the most comprehensive ongoing interpreter training and professional development for all skill levels to support excellent interpreting experiences for our team and our customers.

  2. Our technology: Sorenson was a technology company before it began providing language services, and innovative tech is still at the core of our business
  3. Sorenson Express introduces on-demand VRI to enterprise settings it’s never been before for impromptu interactions in person or in virtual meetings, creating a convenient option for customer service and employee collaboration.
  4. Our credentials: Sorenson is a household name in the Deaf community. We are the leading provider of language services for Deaf and hard of hearing, supporting more than 140 million calls annually for roughly 450,000 households. Our employees possess the highest concentration of linguistic and cultural Deaf and sign language expertise in the industry and can offer training and consultation to implement accessible solutions to the greatest advantage to you and the Deaf community.

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