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What is the difference between workplace diversity and an inclusive workplace? For starters, the idea of making your business diverse has been around for a while now, so much so that it is now a cultural mainstay. We have come to embrace the fact that the world is filled with diversity, and for companies to […]

Hearing Loss and Mental Health: Risks and Resources for Veterans It is common for many people to thank members of the Armed Forces for their service. This is especially true around the major military-related holidays such as Veterans Day. We do so because we respect them and what they’ve done for our nation, both active-duty […]

Your Guide to Finding the Best Earplugs (for Sleeping, Concerts, Shooting, Sensory Overload…) There’s a wide variety of earplugs on the market these days: different sizes, shapes, materials, and designs to suit a range of needs and situations. Some options are downright fashionable, as much accessories as they are functional. The broad selection means you […]

Hearing Loss in the Workplace Hearing loss in the workplace is more prevalent than most people realize. More than one out of every seven Americans acknowledge they have some trouble hearing. The Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA) says hearing loss is the third most common physical condition, with heart disease and arthritis as the […]

Connection in Mixed Deaf, Hearing, and Hard-of-Hearing Families Family is where it all begins. Those are the people who shape us and our worldview. They’re our first and most important relationships. They teach us to communicate. When hearing loss or deafness adds complexity to our family, we don’t give up on connection: we make it […]

A word on “Accessibility” from a Deaf person and VP of Brand Marketing by Ryan Commerson By the time I reached the age of 5, I understood that the world was not built for people like me. Most importantly, I had this gut feeling that it was nobody’s fault. It wasn’t until college that I […]