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Communication Accessibility Checklist for Your Business Ensuring your company provides inclusion and accessibility as a business can pose a challenge, especially in understanding where to begin implementing these systems for the employees and customers who need them to work to their full potential. That’s why we are sharing some actionable tips on how you can become […]

Who Can Use CaptionCall? Understanding Eligibility for No-Cost Caption Phone Service CaptionCall is a life-changing service for people with hearing loss who struggle to hear and understand their phone calls. Having captions of what people are saying as they say it means being able to talk to family and friends, handle your affairs independently, or […]

Business Incentives to Boost ESG Score with Accessibility As businesses evolve in a digital landscape, Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) has taken center stage in any well-formed enterprise strategy. ESG has become a standard measuring stick for evaluating potential investments and partnerships. Although typically the focus of traditional industries (manufacturing, transportation), ESG has become central […]

Social Isolation Among Seniors with Hearing Loss As the U.S. senior population climbs, so does hearing loss. More than 30% of seniors 65 and older experience hearing loss, reaching 40% for those 75 and older.1 A sudden or gradual hearing loss can be a jarring experience for seniors already dealing with health or community issues. […]

Finding Job Opportunities for Deaf Graduates Congratulations on graduating! Ready to start your career but aren’t sure of everything you may need or want to do? Looking for guidance to excel in a workplace with hearing or multilingual colleagues? Here are some tips for wherever you are in. We’ve separated them out so you can […]

The deafblind Community and Telecommunications Access

The DeafBlind Community and Telecommunications Access Communication is fundamental to human interaction and belonging. Without it, we would end up confused, frustrated, and lonely. In the U.S., there are approximately 50,000 people who are DeafBlind. The DeafBlind community represents a distinct group that, due to combined hearing and vision loss, presents with a unique set […]