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Conferences & Events

Sorenson offers a complete suite of solutions to get the message across clearly at your events, from remote or on-site conference interpreting to live event captioning. 

Conference Interpreting & Captioning Solutions

Give your audience an equitable and engaging experience with language solutions that make your presentations more accessible at on-site, virtual, and hybrid events. Our conference and event interpreter services include in-person or video remote interpreting (VRI) from Sorenson’s team of expert ASL interpreters. We can also provide captions for events, both in real-time with our live CART captioning service or post-production closed captioning and transcription.

Conferences and Events Solutions

Video Remote Interpreting

Sorenson offers Video Remote Interpreting to combine the communication support of ASL interpreting with the convenience of remote, internet-enabled connection: a flexible conference interpreting service for both in-person and virtual events.

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On-site Interpreting for Events

In-person conference and event interpreting allows for maximum visibility and interaction between Deaf and hearing participants for presentations, Q&A sessions, and conversations.

Closed Captions & Transcription

With our post-production closed captioning and transcription solution, you can request captions on pre-recorded media in advance for presentation at your event or afterward to share recorded sessions from your event.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you can’t find the answer to your question here or on our support page, our team would be happy to fill in the blanks.

Our interpreters provide a two-way service for your conference or event: conveying communication for both hearing and Deaf participants. Interpreters not only relay the content of presentations and speeches, but also Question and Answer sessions and conversations during networking/mingling opportunities. To provide thorough service, interpreters predominantly focus on Deaf individuals in the room, so they can alert moderators when someone has a question or comment. 

Making your event an equitable experience for Deaf participants is worth spreading the word about. Let people know by including a line on invitations, signs, your website or social media that you’re providing ASL interpreting on-site or over video. When you enlist Sorenson for interpreting services, mentioning our name and logo will register with the Deaf community as a familiar and trusted provider.  

If you really want to make an impression, a video promotion for your event with ASL and captioning will send a clear message that you’re serious about DEIA. 

Because the organizer is doing their job well. There are several reasons an event may require more than one sign language interpreter. For example, the size of the venue may necessitate interpreters in more than one location for visibility. One of the interpreters may be a Certified Deaf Interpreter to provide support for Deaf individuals who do not use ASL. These are the types of considerations our team will help you plan around when you schedule conference interpreting service from Sorenson. 

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