Specialized Interpreting Services

Highly skilled, professional interpreters for any situation: legal and medical as well as DeafBlind interpreting and Certified Deaf Interpreters 

We Can Meet Diverse Interpreting Needs 

Sorenson offers ASL interpreting services to support Deaf and hearing communication in any setting, with interpreter skill sets and certifications to meet your needs even in highly regulated or specialized situations. That includes:


  • Legal interpreting, including courtroom interpreters, with legal interpreting certification in states that require it
  • Medical and mental health interpreting, with adherence to immunization, HIPAA, certification, and training regulations
  • Interpreting for local, state, and federal government
  • DeafBlind and low-vision interpreting
  • Certified Deaf Interpreters

Sorenson has the largest private interpreter staff in the world, positioning us to meet a wide range of interpreting need, either in-person or via video remote interpreting (VRI).

Use Cases

Legal Interpreting

Medical & Mental Health Interpreting

Special Language Needs

Legal Interpreting

Legal interpreting requires training and education in topics of law, protocol, and in interpreting strategies unique to courtroom settings and legal proceedings. We’ll work with you to determine appropriate interpreter staffing strategies and identify communication access issues that may impact a case.

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Medical & Mental Health Interpreting

Using an interpreter in healthcare settings allows providers to focus on patient care and for patients to focus on their own health. Research shows health outcomes improve with the use of an interpreter between non-English speaking patients and providers. Two-way communication allows patients to ask questions, raise concerns, and fully understand instructions.

Healthcare Solutions
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Special Language Needs

Sorenson’s diverse interpreter team includes members with additional training for a wide range of communication needs. You can request interpreters with training in multiple techniques for interpreting with DeafBlind and low vision individuals, both on-site and over video. We can also provide Certified Deaf Interpreters who specialize in communication with Deaf individuals who aren’t fluent in ASL. We even have trilingual interpreters on staff, who can facilitate communication between English, Spanish, and ASL users.

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Benefits of Specialized Interpreting


Legal interpreting, Mental Health Interpreting, Medical Interpreting, Tactile interpreting, Certified Deaf Interpreters


In fields that may require special certification—like medical and legal interpreting—Sorenson can supply interpreters who meet all state requirements


Request an interpreter with knowledge and training in your field to ensure accurate, effective interpreting of jargon and complex concepts


Sorenson holds its interpreters to the highest standard of professionalism and privacy. All of our interpreters also undergo background screening


Sorenson can provide DeafBlind or low vision interpreting services as well as Certified Deaf Interpreters for individuals with limited language

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Frequently Asked Questions

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In some states, yes. Legal interpreting requirements vary, but Sorenson can supply certified legal interpreters for every state that requires them. Even in states that do not require certification, our court interpreters have specialized training and education in law and interpreting techniques for court proceedings. 

Interpreters working with patients and providers strictly adhere to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and never disclose protected health information outside of private conversations between the patient and medical staff. All of our healthcare interpreters receive annual training in HIPAA regulations. 

A person who is DeafBlind has limited or no hearing and vision. In many cases, individuals have some use of one or both senses, but at levels that impact their use of signed and spoken language. 


Certified Deaf interpreters (CDIs) have a native understanding and expression of language that allows them to draw meaning from Deaf individuals who were not allowed to learn sign language, so they created their own. CDIs can ensure native accuracy for news conferences or advisories when public safety is paramount. 

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