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Retail Services 

Sorenson’s innovative interpreting tools and services to help retailers enhance accessibility and optimize customers experiences for Deaf and hard-of-hearing communities

Optimize the Retail Experience 

From traditional brick-and-mortar organizations to native e-commerce start-ups, retail businesses are laser focused on delivering a seamless shopping experience. Sorenson’s interpreting solutions make it simple and convenient to extend that customer-oriented strategy to the Deaf population. Retailers serving Deaf customers can utilize our highly trained sign language interpreters in person or over video, both pre-scheduled and on-demand, so exceptional customer service is always a selling point. 

Sorenson’s Services for Retail

Video Remote Interpreting (VRI)

VRI services enable fluid communication across signed and spoken languages. Interpreters in remote locations support seamless virtual discussions between Deaf and hearing participants over an internet connection. To provide in-depth information, you can select interpreters with background knowledge of your business and services. For staff briefings, candidate interviews, and employee-supervisor meetings, VRI offers convenient communication for Deaf and hearing employees.

On-site Interpreting

On-site interpreters provide face-to-face ASL interpreting, delivering the optimal experience for participants and expressing nuanced communication. In-person interpreting provides customers the benefit of increased engagement and participation and is the most conducive option for employee relationship-building.

Frequently Asked Questions

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The key to an effective Deaf customer service strategy is to enable a customer to quickly and seamlessly communicate with staff members to ask questions and gather more information about a product or service. That can require access to video remote interpreting services.

By law, retail organizations are required to provide accessibility to assistive listening systems, and to improve accessibility at “places of public accommodation,” which can include retail environments.

Training staff to on how to serve Deaf customers is key. Moreover, providing access to appropriate technologies and services—such as Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) and interpreters—is a high impact way for retailers to support employees and enhance the experience of Deaf customers.

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