Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) Services

Whether you’re meeting in person or virtually, our expert sign language interpreters allow easy discussion between Deaf and hearing participants with the convenience of remote service over an internet connection

Video Remote Interpreting 

Video remote interpreting services (VRI) allow fluid communication across signed and spoken language with a remote interpreter, eliminating the costs and potential delays of travel. Scheduled interpreting service allows you to choose an interpreter based on subject matter and give them context in advance for an optimal interpreting experience. Sorenson on-demand VRI allows you to request sign language interpreting right when you need it, so you can have the full-time interpreting support without the cost of employing full-time interpreters.

Interpreting Options

Scheduled VRI

On-demand interpreting

On-site interpreting

Scheduled Video Remote Interpreting

Schedule over-video ASL interpreting for any conversation or event with Deaf and hearing participants, whether you’re meeting in person or virtually, with interpreters able to prepare in advance for optimal messaging accuracy

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VRI interpreting on demand

On-demand interpreting

When scheduling ahead of time isn’t practical, you can get on-demand over-video interpreting at the last minute for communication whenever you need it

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 over-video interpreting

On-site interpreting

The most interactive option for interpreted experiences, we can provide in-person services so everyone can see each other and the interpreter, and interpreters can provide unspoken context like body language

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 in-person interpreting

Benefits of VRI


Benefits of Virtual Remote Interpreting (VRI) 


Request an interpreter familiar with your industry, terminology, or regulations

Cost Effective

Enjoy the benefit of anytime interpreter access without the cost of employing an interpreter full-time


Interpreters available whenever you need them for in-person or virtual meetings


Improve interactions for employees and customers with a simple tool for satisfying, successful communication

How it works

Video Remote Interpreting with Sorenson’s expert ASL interpreters breaks down language barriers between Deaf and hearing people for easy conversation on any topic, making it virtually effortless to incorporate diverse perspectives

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VRI vs on-site interpreting

Interpreting Services Comparison

You may benefit from using a mix of our interpreting solutions for different situations. Use our comparison chart to get a better idea of which service is the best match for your specific interpreting need.



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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions we don’t cover here, our team is happy to fill in the blanks. You can reach us via the form below. 

VRI stands for Video Remote Interpreting. It’s a way to access interpreting services via an internet connection, with the participants and the interpreter able to see and hear each other on screen. You can use VRI for your in-person or virtual meetings. 

When you request video remote interpreting, we’ll arrange for an interpreter to join your meeting virtually with a camera and microphone to display so it’s accessible to both your hearing and Deaf participants. Similarly, you’ll set up your own camera and mic so the interpreter can see your sign language user(s) and hear your speakers. The interpreter will act as an additional member of the meeting, relaying messages between languages. 

Fill out the form below to set up a Sorenson account and schedule video remote interpreting. 

We can accommodate nearly any meeting software or applications

Yes, our interpreters relay your comments as you communicate. However, the time it takes to express statements may vary between spoken and signed languages, so you’ll want to pause a moment for the interpreter to finish between points to allow for questions or comments. 

VRS (Video Relay Service) is a government-funded program for interpreted calls between Deaf and hearing individuals in different locations. The FCC manages a fund that covers the costs, so they don’t pass on to Deaf users.  
VRI (Video Remote Interpreting) is a service we offer to businesses and organizations to support interpreted in-person or virtual interactions by connecting to a Sorenson interpreter over a video connection. Customers must pay for this service. 


Sorenson’s on-demand service allows you to get an interpreter when and where you need one without having to schedule in advance. It’s like having a full-time interpreting staff at a fraction of the cost. On-demand interpreting allows you to service Deaf customers at the same level you support hearing patrons.

For starters, you need a Sorenson account. You can start the setup process with the form below. Once you have an account, simply install our app to invite an interpreter on your device.

Sorenson offers VRI services for any situation. Our on-demand video remote interpreting for retail, banking, and hospitality is specifically for in-person conversations between Deaf and hearing participants who need interpreter support. If you need an interpreter for conversations between people in different locations, check out scheduled VRI service and stay tuned for exciting additions to our on-demand offerings in 2023.

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