Be Seen with Wavello 

See the interpreter and the person on the other end of the conversation on the same screen 

Say Hello to Wavello 

Designed for hearing friends and family of Deaf people using Sorenson Video Relay, Wavello is an all new VRS experience that allows you to see each other and the interpreter on screen. It’s already built into Sorenson ntouch apps and Lumina, so only the hearing person needs to install the Wavello app to communicate with Deaf loved ones via interpreted video calls.


Features of Sorenson Wavello

App for Hearing Users

The Sorenson Wavello app allows hearing friends and family to talk to Deaf people while seeing each other on screen along with the ASL interpreter

Built-in for Deaf Users

The Sorenson Wavello feature is built into the Lumina and ntouch products for Deaf users. All they need is for hearing friends and family to install the Wavello app and register their phone number.

Deaf Initiated

Once the initial call connects through Sorenson Video Relay, the Deaf user can see if the hearing person’s phone number is registered in the Sorenson Wavello app. If it is, the Deaf caller can initiate the Wavello session.

Wavello FAQS

Benefits of Wavello


Connect Beyond Words

Strengthen bonds with family and friends

Trusted Interpreting

Enjoy highest quality interpreting from Sorenson Video Relay

Seamless Communication

Smooth Deaf and hearing communication on video calls

Get the Whole Picture

See the true emotion of others on the call


Use Sorenson Wavello anywhere you use your mobile phone or tablet to see your friends and family on the call 


Video chat from the comfort of your couch


Take the call on Sorenson Wavello to see coworkers while you talk through an interpreter


See that cute classmate you’re talking to on the phone with Sorenson Wavello


Safely video chat with encryption on Sorenson Wavello

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Frequently Asked Questions

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No. Hearing people make a regular call to talk to Deaf people through Sorenson Video Relay and can let the Deaf person know they have Wavello. The Deaf person can then send them a video call invitation. 

Wavello is a Video Relay call supported with video. Everyone on the callthe Deaf person, the hearing person, and the interpretercan see by each other. Just like Video Relay, there is no cost to use Wavello. 

Yes, both Deaf and hearing people can use Wavello. Once in a Sorenson Video Relay call, Deaf people use Lumina or an ntouch product to initiate a Wavello call to a hearing person who has downloaded the Wavello app and registered their phone number. 

Follow these easy steps: 

  1. Download the Wavello app for your phone from the Apple App or Google Play Store. 
  2. Register your phone number that you will use to communicate with Deaf friends or family members. 
  3. Important: After registering, make sure you click “Allow Notification” from Wavello app. 
  4. When your Deaf friend or family member calls you on your phone, use headphones or turn on your speakerphone. 
  5. After accepting the Wavello invitation, you should see your Deaf friend or family member on the screen. 

The Deaf user needs to first be in a Sorenson Video Relay call and connected to the hearing person. Once that call is connected, if the phone number of the hearing person is registered with the Wavello app, the Deaf user will see the Wavello icon in the in-call menu. 

No. If Deaf users use the Lumina or ntouch products, the Wavello feature is already installed on those products. Only hearing users need the Wavello app. 

Yes, Wavello will work on an Apple iPad or an Android tablet device. 

Yes. We recommend you register numbers that your Deaf friends and family would use to call you, including landline numbers and mobile numbers.

Check to be sure notifications are enabled for the Wavello app in the mobile device’s settings. Disabling notifications will result in hearing users not being able to see incoming requests for Wavello video calls. 

No. Sorenson Video Relay interpreters cannot initiate Wavello calls. They can only see if the Wavello option is available to the Deaf user. 

The Deaf person can share it by going to their ntouch app on iOS or Android and following these steps: 

  1. If on iOS, go to ntouch Settings and tap on the blue button to send a text or email to the hearing person. 
  2. If on Android, tap the three vertical dots at the top right corner of the app, then select “Invite”, and then tap on the “Wavello” option. You will see the text and email options available in the Android operating system. 

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