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Sorenson Express for Zoom

On-demand video remote interpreting integrated directly into Zoom is your solution for an instant connection between hearing and Deaf employees.

On-demand Video Remote Interpreting for Zoom 

You can’t always predict when you’ll need a sign language interpreter. With Sorenson Express for Zoom, simply press a button to add one of our highly trained American Sign Language (ASL) interpreters to your conversation for a seamless experience in either ASL-to-English or ASL-to-Spanish. Improve employee engagement and foster multilingual collaboration between Deaf and hearing coworkers with an authentic and visible commitment to accessibility and inclusion. 

Sorenson Express for Zoom Features and Benefits

Zoom for Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Employees

Companies that leverage the full extent of their teams’ perspectives, experiences, and talents achieve better outcomes and inclusive workplaces. Support seamless communication and collaboration between hearing and Deaf employees with Sorenson Express for Zoom. When you can’t schedule an interpreter in advance, Express allows you to get an interpreter on the fly. It’s the ideal solution for impromptu meetings and working though urgent matters or complex issues.

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