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Sorenson Express Integration with Microsoft Teams

On-demand video remote interpreting integrated into Microsoft Teams offers a seamless experience for connection between hearing and Deaf employees.

On-Demand Video Remote Interpreting for Microsoft Teams 

In today’s dynamic work environment, teams rely on instant messaging, spontaneous meetings, and remotely located colleagues to accomplish goals. Our Microsoft Teams app integration ensures equal participation for employees whose primary language is ASL and empowers them to do their best work. 

Benefits of Sorenson Express for Businesses

Instant Inclusion at Your Fingertips 

When companies consider the perspectives and experiences of every team member, they achieve more and create an inclusive workplace where every employee can thrive. Using Sorenson Express with Microsoft Teams when working through complex business and attending impromptu meetings will help you support seamless collaboration between Deaf and hearing coworkers. 

How it works

It’s not always predictable when you’ll need a sign language interpreter. But with Sorenson Express, there’s no need to schedule one. A couple clicks allow you to add to your conversations one of our highly trained American Sign Language (ASL) interpreters who can speak English or Spanish.

Sorenson Scoops

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