Mav4 Service Guide

Service Guide

Thank you for choosing Sorenson for your language accommodations. We want to make accessing our services as simple as possible for you. We have created this Service Guide as a reference to policies and procedures that govern both the way you access and the way we provide services.

Please read this Service Guide carefully. The Service Guide, together with the Customer Profile (order form), the Pricing Appendix, and the Service Terms and Conditions, comprise our entire Agreement with you for the provision of our interpreting services.

Requesting Services

How to Schedule Services

Submitting Service Requests. Submit standard service requests at our website (www.sorenson.com/get-an-interpreter). Submit urgent requests by phone at 800-659-4783. Submit your service request to Sorenson directly and be sure your request is complete. Sorenson will not honor service requests made to a Provider. Be sure your request is complete. Incomplete requests may result in declined or delayed service. If the nature of an assignment is not adequately communicated at the time of request, we reserve the right to discontinue service for that Assignment and coordinate with you to arrange for a more effective communication solution, if appropriate and available. We will send an email to the Authorized Requestor to confirm the booking with information regarding provider assignment.

On-Demand Services. Upon execution of agreement, a member of the Sorenson Service Delivery team will contact the Customer to set up services and train authorized users.

Post-Production or Other Services. Please submit requests to our scheduling department at [email protected]or by phone at 800‑659‑4783.

Scheduling Changes. Sorenson accepts scheduling changes by email at [email protected], up to 48 hours in advance of job start time. For changes within 48 hours of job start, requests may be made by phone at

800‑659‑4783. Changes made less than 48 business hours before start time of the assignment may incur additional charges.

How Providers are Selected for an Assignment

Provider Selection. We will select a Provider for each Assignment based upon the circumstances of the assignment and the skill set required. Providers possess varying levels of ability and specialization and will be assigned based in part on the information you give us at the time of booking an Assignment.

Special Requests. We honor requests for a particular Provider, if appropriate, and if the requested Provider is available.

Multiple Providers. Some Assignments may require more than one Provider. Consult the Pricing List for scenarios that require more than one Provider.

How to Prepare for an Assignment

Please forward relevant materials that will be used during the Assignment at least 2 business days prior to the start of the Assignment for Provider preparation. We handle materials with strict confidence and will return them to you or destroy them following the Assignment.

What to Expect from an Assignment

Notice of Recording Required. You must notify us at the time of booking if you intend to video or audio record any Provider, include a Provider in any livestream feed, or photograph a Provider whether external or internal to your organization. If you fail to adequately notify us of recording in advance, we may need to replace the assigned Provider at an additional expense to you. Consistent with Federal law, Sorenson does not consent to unauthorized recording of any kind, including without limitation, audio or video recording, digital recording, or photographs.

Provider Breaks. Providers must be granted breaks on Assignment according to local regulations. Providers will not perform any services during breaks. When more than one Provider is confirmed, Providers may rotate duties so that services may be continuously provided.

Sorenson Interns. Sorenson is committed to the training of new Providers. We reserve the right to permit interns to observe the Assignment, where appropriate, at no additional cost to you. Any stakeholder to the Assignment may decline involvement of an intern at any time verbally or in writing.

Provider Supervision. Sorenson reserves the right to complete quality assurance and to have a supervisor attend any Assignment at any time, at no additional cost to you. Any stakeholder to the Assignment may decline involvement of a supervisor at any time verbally or in writing.

Over-time. When a specific Provider is requested by Customer to be available in excess of maximum overtime durations set by local, state, or federal labor law, Customer will incur additional fees for those hours at the same rate of increase as required by those laws.

No Shows. Providers will wait a minimum amount of time for all parties to appear at an Assignment. If the Customer or consumer do not appear for the Assignment without communicating the reason for the delay or anticipated time of arrival, we will consider the Assignment canceled and will bill you for the time the Provider was reserved plus any applicable travel.

Reassignment of Provider. If the scheduled Assignment is canceled (as set forth above) and the Provider is needed for a different Assignment, please check with Sorenson Workforce Management to ensure that a change of Assignment for a Provider can be accommodated.

Feedback. Sorenson wishes to receive feedback about the performance of its Providers. Please forward any compliments, complaints, or questions to 800‑659‑4783 (Voice) or 844‑720‑1891 (Videophone).

If you need to cancel an Assignment

You are responsible for communicating cancellations and scheduling updates directly to Sorenson Workforce Management.  We will not honor cancelations made to a Provider. To avoid cancellation charges, consult our Pricing Sheet for notice required. Charges will be incurred for a cancellation regardless of reason including, but not limited to, consumer cancellation, early dismissal, reduction of hours, rescheduling of Assignment, or inclement weather, unless local authorities have prohibited travel. Sorenson will not assume an Assignment is canceled, altered, or rescheduled for any reason, including inclement weather, except when local authorities have prohibited travel. Cancellations submitted directly to a Provider will not be honored.

Billing and Invoicing

Payer Obligations. In consideration of the provision of services (“Services”) by Sorenson, Payers shall pay the fees set forth above plus applicable taxes. All Sorenson invoices will be sent weekly to a single entity as identified on the Customer Profile. If payments are not received within 30 days after becoming due, Sorenson may:

  1. Charge interest on any such unpaid amounts at a rate of 2% per month or, if lower, the maximum amount permitted under applicable law, from the date such payment was due until the date paid.
  2. Suspend performance for all Services until payment has been made in full.
  3. Transfer unpaid balance to a third-party collection agency and charge customer a collection fee of up to 50% of the unpaid balance or charge customer reasonable attorney and court fees incurred in collecting payment.

Additional requirements. Customers that request additional requirements that are not outlined in this Agreement (e.g., trainings, vaccinations, special certification requests, unique scheduling or communication requirements, multiple billing entities, etc.) will incur additional administrative or service fees.

Purchase Orders. Customers that require a Purchase Order (PO) number to be submitted on an invoice must provide the PO at the time of booking. Sorenson will not be held responsible for missing PO numbers and will expect prompt payment on all invoices.

Confirmation. By signing the Customer Profile (order form), I acknowledge I understand and agree to the policies and procedures for Sorenson’s delivery of services defined in this Service Guide.