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Sorenson Launches On-Demand ASL Interpreting through Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) for Enterprises that Use Microsoft Teams or Zoom Video Communications, Inc.

Businesses and organizations can now connect with Deaf users in real time, directly in Teams and Zoom with Sorenson Express for VRI

SALT LAKE CITY – (February 6, 2024) Sorenson, the leading provider of inclusive communication services for Deaf, DeafBlind, and hard-of-hearing communities around the world, today launched Sorenson Express, integrations for Microsoft Teams and Zoom Video Communications, Inc.  Sorenson Express is an on-demand American Sign Language (ASL), Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) service for businesses that use Microsoft Teams or Zoom in their enterprises. Sorenson Express for VRI seamlessly integrates interpreters as active video participants into Microsoft Teams or Zoom video meetings and can integrate an ASL interpreter into video meetings on-demand.

Sorenson Express is the first B2B, ASL interpreting service to provide an integrated app experience with Teams and Zoom. The costs associated with Sorenson Express for VRI are undertaken by the business, not for the employee or consumer. This demonstrates a commitment to accessibility and workplace parity for Deaf, hard-of-hearing employees and customers on behalf of employers and businesses. Sorenson remains focused on advancing technology that advances workplace and market parity.

“At Sorenson, we are dedicated to delivering innovative, accessible and inclusive language services that give people the option to communicate in their preferred language and to form genuine connections,” said Jorge Rodriguez, CEO of Sorenson, which connects some 140 million conversations each year. “We are excited to extend our mission to make video calls more accessible to Deaf and hard-of-hearing professionals with our innovative products and services. As a leading global language services provider, we are proud to drive this important effort and anticipate further collaboration with Microsoft, Zoom and other video communications platforms that will find Sorenson Express critical for their organizations.”

Sorenson Express for VRI helps businesses facilitate smoother remote meetings for Deaf professionals, enhance communication between Deaf and hearing colleagues, and support stronger relationship-building within diverse teams. Key benefits of using Sorenson Express include:

  • Convenience: Hassle-free way to access interpreters at a moment’s notice
  • Inclusivity: Expands communication opportunities between signed and spoken languages
  • Accessibility: Sorenson Express can bridge gaps whenever there’s a sudden need for an interpreter that wasn’t possible to schedule.
  • Cost Efficiency: On-demand ASL interpreters provide greater workplace parity for Deaf employees and greater market parity for Deaf consumers.
  • Compliance: Sorenson Express meets federal compliance guidelines and provide greater workplace parity for Deaf employees.
  • Multilingual Capabilities: Sorenson Express provides interpreting between ASL and both English and Spanish.
  • Diversified Workforce & Suppliers: The integration of Sorenson Express with Microsoft Teams and Zoom supports businesses in their efforts to promote inclusivity and embrace the diverse skills and perspectives that Deaf employees bring to the workplace.

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To use the Sorenson app, you  need  a Sorenson account. Get Sorenson Express for your business by signing up here.

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About Sorenson

Sorenson is one of the world’s leading language services providers, combining patented technology with human-centric solutions. We strive to increase diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility for underrepresented people through communication solutions for all: call captioning and video relay services, video remote and in-person sign language and spoken language interpreting, translation, real-time captioning, and post-production language services. Our company impact extends beyond the connections we support. Under Sorenson’s Impact and ESG Vision and Action Plan, we’re reviewing our carbon footprint, addressing accessibility and advancement barriers for Deaf employees, and implementing a supplier diversity program. Sorenson is a minority-owned company committed to expanding opportunities for underserved communities and championing a culture of belonging. For more information on how we advance human connection, visit sorenson.com or es.sorenson.com.

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