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Sorenson recognized for applying AI to real-life problems

SALT LAKE CITY, March 23, 2023Sorenson, the leading language services provider of inclusive communication services for Deaf, hard-of-hearing, and diverse people, announced today that the Olelo by Sorenson application has been awarded the Artificial Intelligence Excellence Award for Natural Language Processing by Business Intelligence Group (BIG). According to BIG, the business awards program recognizes products that bring AI to life and apply it to solve real problems. The award was based on Olelo’s exceptional use of AI to provide solutions for individuals with hearing loss who need captions to use the phone.

“We’re proud to be recognized for leveraging artificial intelligence to connect people, break down communication barriers, and create a more inclusive world,” said Jorge Rodriguez, CEO of Sorenson. “We believe that everyone deserves equal access to communication, and Olelo is helping make that a reality by enabling individuals with hearing loss who need captions to use the phone to communicate more effectively and efficiently.”

Rick Kreifeldt, Chief Technology Officer of Sorenson, added, “Artificial intelligence has the power to transform the lives of people with hearing loss. By harnessing the latest advancements in AI and natural language processing, we’re providing those individuals with a communication experience that is functionally equivalent and effortless.”

The Olelo app uses AI to caption phone conversations in real time for those who have difficulty hearing and who rely on captions to use the phone, enabling users to read along as they listen. The app works by using speech-to-text technology to transcribe each conversation as it happens. One of the benefits of Olelo is that it is designed to work with a variety of phone systems, and it is available in both Apple Store and Google Play. The app also features a simple interface that allows users to adjust the font size and color of the captions.

Other benefits include:

  • No Cost: Olelo is supported through a federally funded government program that provides no-cost captioned phone service for people with hearing loss who require captions to use the phone.
  • Speed: Olelo is built with the fastest speech-to-text recognition software available, meaning you see the words in real-time as someone is speaking to you.
  • Saved Transcripts: After users hang up, Olelo stores a history of captioned calls on the user’s device for later review.

Sorenson’s commitment to innovation and technology has been at the forefront of its operations since its inception twenty years ago. With Olelo, Sorenson has further solidified its position as a leader in the communication industry, providing cutting-edge solutions that help people with hearing loss communicate more confidently and effectively connect with others in a meaningful way.

Download Olelo for Sorenson here.

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About Sorenson

Sorenson is one of the world’s leading language services providers, combining patented technology with human-centric solutions. We strive to increase diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility for underrepresented people through communication solutions for all: call captioning and video relay services, video remote and in-person sign language and spoken language interpreting, translation, real-time captioning, and post-production language services. Our company impact extends beyond the connections we support. Under Sorenson’s Impact and ESG Vision and Action Plan, we’re reviewing our carbon footprint, addressing accessibility and advancement barriers for Deaf employees, and implementing a supplier diversity program. Sorenson is a minority-owned company committed to expanding opportunities for underserved communities and championing a culture of belonging. For more information on how we advance human connection, visit http://www.sorenson.com or http://es.sorenson.com.

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