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911 Emergency Calling

Emergency Calling

*911 Calling Advisory: Calling 911 from a landline remains the most reliable method of reaching emergency response personnel. Providing our users with accessible Emergency Calling is an important part of the CaptionCall Mobile service. Any 911 call you make is prioritized ahead of all other calls and uses our automated speech recognition for captions while you are talking with the emergency response team. When you dial 911 on the CaptionCall Mobile app, your call will be sent directly to your local 911 center based on your registered E911 location. Please ensure that you have registered your emergency location in the CaptionCall Mobile app and ensure that you keep this location up to date if you move. While connecting the emergency call, CaptionCall Mobile will send through your name, callback number, and E911 registered location. Please keep in mind, you may still be asked by the 911 operator for this information. Data Network Connection: When dialing a 911 call, your phone must be connected to a data network (LTE/5G cellular data network or WiFi). If there is no cellular data signal or WiFi connection, please move to find a better signal location or call 911 from a landline telephone. If you have any questions as to how we handle 911 calls, email [email protected].