Interested in a toll-free number? Here’s what you can do.

Under rules adopted by the FCC, VRS providers are no longer permitted to provide toll-free service to their customers. However, you can find a list of toll-free providers at Contact the toll-free service provider of your choice and ask for a toll-free number. The toll-free service provider will charge you a fee. The fees may vary from provider to provider, so make sure you ask about the cost of toll-free service.

“Linking” your toll-free number to your local ten-digit number

Once you have toll-free service, you will probably want your toll-free number and your local ten-digit number “linked” in the numbering database that supports VRS service. This linking will allow your videophone to ring when either of your numbers is dialed. To have your numbers linked, send a request via email to Once we receive your request, we will ensure that the database links your assigned toll-free number with your local ten-digit number.