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Integrated Sorenson Interpreting for Zoom 

You now have better solutions for inviting a Sorenson interpreter into your virtual meetings to make using Zoom for Deaf and hearing collaboration better than ever 


Sorenson for Zoom VRS

You may have used VRS for your Zoom meetings before—but not like this.

Sorenson’s first-of-its-kind solution for Zoom VRS enables you to invite our highly skilled ASL interpreters directly into your Zoom call so you can see everything on one screen—and so can everyone else. Sorenson for Zoom improves multilingual support and collaboration for Deaf and hearing connections. Choose the app that works best for your Zoom conversations.

Sorenson for Zoom

Sorenson for Zoom is our integrated app within Zoom. You can download it from the Zoom Marketplace. If you are the meeting host and have a paid account, you can invite an interpreter to join the meeting directly from the Zoom window.

Sorenson web app

You can access the web app via URL (or download it if you prefer) and use it to invite an interpreter into your Zoom meeting whether you’re the host or an attendee as long as the host has a paid Zoom account.

Integrated Interpreting for Zoom Benefits & Features 

Integrated Interpreting for Zoom

When you’re talking to someone, you should be fully engaged, not constantly looking back and forth between two screens and missing words or expressions. 

Whether you’re in a call with an important client or Mom, Sorenson’s first-of-its-kind Zoom integration gives you the context and confidence you need for better connections so you can put your energy where it belongs: your work and relationships.

How It Works

Use any of your Sorenson Relay numbers to invite an interpreter directly into Zoom. Deaf and hearing conversations appear on one screen using the Sorenson for Zoom app or web app. Use our comparison sheet to see which option is best for you.

Don’t have a Sorenson account for VRS yet?

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Download the Sorenson Web App

If you prefer, you can download the Sorenson web app to your PC or Mac instead of accessing it via URL. Click here for installation instructions.

The downloads have the same requirements and steps to request an interpreter as the URL-based solution: you must be an eligible, registered Sorenson VRS user, and your meeting host must have a paid Zoom account.

Where Will You Use Sorenson for Zoom?

You can use Sorenson’s integrated interpreting solutions for Zoom in any virtual meetings on the platform that are eligible for VRS. Whether personal, professional, or educational use, focus on connecting with a richer interpreting experience on a single screen.


Group chat with hearing family and friends and see them with the interpreter


Use Zoom for work or your business? Add confidence to your virtual meetings.


Virtually collaborate with classmates on group assignments and study sessions

Sorenson Resources

Need Help?

Access our support resources and user guides to answer questions or resolve issues with your Sorenson services and products, outages, and international travel.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you can’t find an answer to your question here, check out our Support page. 

Sorenson for Zoom is an app inside in the Zoom application. You download it from the Zoom Marketplace and invite a Sorenson interpreter to your meeting directly from your Zoom window. To use it, you must host the meeting and use a paid Zoom license to create the meeting.

Sorenson’s web app is a standalone app you can use to invite an interpreter into your meeting whether you’re the host or an attendee, as long as the host has a paid Zoom account. You can access it via URL, so you can use it even if you can’t download apps to your work or school computer.

You must be eligible for VRS and registered for Sorenson Video Relay to use either app. If you don’t have an account, click here to register for Sorenson VRS.

To use the Sorenson for Zoom app, you must be the meeting host and create the meeting from a paid Zoom account.  

To use Sorenson’s web app, you only need the meeting host to have a paid Zoom account.

Yes, in an effort to provide functional equivalence, most Zoom features are available to you in a VRS Zoom call if enabled by the meeting’s host. 

No, interpreters have to leave the meeting when the Deaf requestor leaves the meeting. If you aren’t planning on being present for the entire meeting, let other Deaf participants know. They would need to make another interpreter request if you leave early. 

Yes. FCC policy requires interpreters to disconnect after five minutes of not seeing the Deaf caller using VRS, so you need to keep your video on throughout the call. This means we cannot provide VRS interpreting services for webinars in Zoom. If you need an interpreter for a webinar, ask your company or organization to reach out to Sorenson for information about VRI services.

You can use any of your Sorenson phone numbers. The app will ask for your Sorenson password before you can begin the process of requesting an interpreter. If you do not remember your password, you can use the ‘Forgot Password’ flow on the app or call our Customer Care team at (801) 386-8500.   

You do not need to sign up for anything if you already have a Sorenson number. If you do not have one,  click here to register for a Sorenson VRS account. If you prefer to sign up over a video call, you can call our Customer Care team at (801) 386-8500. 

Don’t have a Sorenson account?

If you’re Deaf or hard-of-hearing and use sign language to communicate, you can register below for VRS from Sorenson. You must register to use any Sorenson VRS solution.

This application for connecting to video conferencing services is in development and its features and functions may change as development continues. At this time, this application allows connections with only Zoom and not to all video conferencing services; and, consumers should contact a Sorenson representative at (801) 386-8500 or [email protected] if they cannot connect to a Zoom video conference with the application or if the application fails during a Zoom video conference after an initial connection.