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Update Your Software for 988 ASL Calls

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988 Now in ASL

Did you see the news that the 988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline service is now available in ASL 24/7? To connect directly to a 988 counselor in ASL, you may need to update your ntouch app, Lumina VP, or nVP2. If your product is not updated and you dial 988, you will still connect through a VRS interpreter. With the latest software update, you will connect directly to a 988 Lifeline ASL counselor.

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Do You Need to Update Your VP or App?

If you dial 988 without updating, you will connect to one of our VRS interpreters to process your call. 

After updating, if you dial 988, you will connect directly to a 988 Lifeline counselor in ASL.  

Here is the list of the latest software:

Lumina and nVP2 or later  

iOS or later  

Android or later  


9.4.2 or later  

Windows or later  

Updating Your Sorenson Software

You can find instructions below to update the software for any of your Sorenson products. Each link will take you to a list of steps.  

On mobile or tablet devices:

On a Sorenson VP that connects to your TV:

Need Help?

You’re never on your own with Sorenson. If you need help, our Customer Care team is here for you by phone or email. You can dial 611 from your Sorenson device or 801-386-8500 from any VP.

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