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Hospitality rule number one: make every guest feel welcome and special. Provide a better experience for your Deaf and hard-of-hearing clients through seamless communication and real-time responsiveness with Sorenson interpreting solutions. 

Provide Better Hospitality Experiences

Sorenson offers several sign language interpreting services to ensure greater accessibility and inclusion for Deaf and hard-of-hearing guests and employees, so you can provide the same outstanding experience to all of your team members and customers

Hospitality Solutions

Video Remote Interpreting (VRI)

On-Demand VRI

On-site Interpreting

Video Remote Interpreting (VRI)

Deliver optimized guest experiences with VRI services that enable fluid communication across signed and spoken languages, creating a Deaf-accessible experience for staff and visitors. Interpreters in remote locations support seamless virtual discussions between Deaf and hearing participants over an internet connection. To provide Deaf guests with in-depth information, you can select interpreters with background knowledge of venues and locales. For staff briefings, candidate interviews, and employee-supervisor meetings, VRI offers convenient communication for Deaf and hearing employees.

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On-Demand VRI

Don’t keep guests waiting. With On-Demand VRI, Deaf and hearing participants can quickly convene and engage in seamless discussion without delays, conveniently meeting ADA requirements for Deaf customers. On-Demand VRI allows teams to respond to urgent requirements as they arise.

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On-site Interpreting

On-site interpreters provide face-to-face sign language interpreting, delivering the optimal experience for participants and expressing nuanced communication. In-person interpreting fosters employee relationship-building, substantial collaboration and understanding, and provides guests the benefit of increased engagement and participation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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In addition to physical requirements—like wheelchair accessibility and visual alert systems—the ADA requires businesses that serve the public have ways to communicate effectively with people who have disabilities, guaranteeing people with vision, hearing, or speech disabilities can exchange information. ASL interpreting meets not only the needs of the people you serve, but also allows a smooth experience when hiring Deaf employees and supporting daily interaction. Along with Sorenson’s suite of interpreting solutions for business, our hearing-aid compatible captioned phone service and videophones for individuals also support a positive experience for your guests. You can view a detailed description of the legal mandates for communication directly from the ADA:

Training staff to manage interactions with Deaf guests is key to offering the same level of service you provide to hearing guests. You can support staff and guests equally by providing appropriate technologies and services, such as sign language interpreters—either in person or via Video Remote Interpreting (VRI—for easy and successful communication.  

Deaf guests want the same things your hearing guests want: courtesy, respect, and service. Offering access to communication in their primary language by retaining interpreting solutions signals consideration for their experience and allows you to extend the same level of customer service hearing guests receive. Offering your employees or guests who are Deaf services with their needs in mind is central to quality customer care. 

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