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Landline Phone Caption Service Captioning

Look forward to phone calls with quick, accurate closed captions on the screen of our landline phone so you know you’re catching every word of your conversations.

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No-Cost Closed Caption Phone Service

You decide how you want to use CaptionCall: customize it to your liking and try out all the features or simply pick up the phone and talk. It works like any other phone except the CaptionCall phone that comes with your service has a large interactive screen so you can turn on phone call captioning and read the text of your conversation in real time.

We design our closed captioned phones to be technologically advanced on the inside and simple on the outside. You’ll be comfortably enjoying captioned calls right away, whether you choose our Red Carpet Service installation by one of our trainers or if you or a loved one follow our guided setup.

There’s no cost for people with hearing loss who need captions to use the phone. If you qualify for CaptionCall, you can also get our mobile captioning app, CaptionCall Mobile

CaptionCall Benefits and Features

CaptionCall by Sorenson

Read your conversations in big, clear text with our home caption phone service. You can count on instant, accurate closed caption phone calls so you can keep up with your conversations and your connections.

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CaptionCall phone for people with hearing loss

How CaptionCall works

CaptionCall works just like any other phone call, except you don’t have to struggle to hear it. We transform your phone calls into text and display it on the big, auto-scrolling screen as the person’s talking. 

We have been fine tuning our captioned telephone service for the hard-of-hearing since 2010 to give you the best captioned phone experience. 

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Our support team is here to help you with technical support issues.

If you prefer the DIY approach, get started on your own with our user guides and training videos. If you’re having trouble connecting, check here for service outages.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions we haven’t answered here, check our support page or contact our excellent Customer Care team.

If you have hearing loss and need captioning to communicate over the phone CaptionCall will provide you with a phone at no cost.

As long as you have either a landline phone service, high-speed internet, or a smartphone, we can connect you with a CaptionCall phone. CaptionCall offers two free installation service options: Red Carpet Service installation with in-person installation and hands-on training or self-guided installation with virtual trainer support.  

Anyone who qualifies for the CaptionCall service will receive a CaptionCall phone to access their call captioning. To qualify for CaptionCall, you must have hearing loss that necessitates the use of captioned telephone service. You must complete an easy self-certification process and provide other mandatory registration information.  

CaptionCall uses the most advanced voice-recognition technology, captioning agents, and a fast transcription service to display written captions of what a caller is saying on a large, easy-to-read screen.  

Yes, CaptionCall works with your current home phone number. You can also keep your current provider and plan.  

Yes, in addition to adjusting the volume of your calls, you can also customize the CaptionCall phone to boost frequencies where you have the greatest hearing loss. To do this, leave the handset in the cradle, touch Settings on the screen, then touch Amplification to choose your preferences. You can find more information in the CaptionCall user guide  

No. CaptionCall works seamlessly with services from your provider, including call waiting, call forwarding, voicemail, and caller ID.  


This will depend on the length of captions per call, but don’t worry; we give you enough space for months—even years—worth of calls. 

CaptionCall is part of the federal government’s Internet Protocol Captioned Telephone Service (IP CTS) program, part of a mandate of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) to ensure people with hearing loss have equal access to telephone calls.

The funding for the service comes from fees the FCC collects from telecommunications companies. The FCC uses that funding to reimburse each minute of captioning service Sorenson provides instead of customers paying for it out of pocket. This is why the service is only available to people with hearing loss who need captions to use the phone.