CART Captioning

Transform speech into text in real time, offering your audience another way to absorb information and understand content

CART Real-Time Captioning Services

Improve engagement for Deaf and hard-of-hearing communities, non-native language users, and visual learners. 

Overcome comprehension challenges of complex or technical subject matter, noisy or distractive environments, and large spaces with audience members far from the speaker. 

Our live captioning agents produce high-quality real-time captions with high accuracy, accounting for accents, terminology, and slang. After your session, you have access to the transcript with the option to request a cleaned transcript for your records. 

Benefits of CART


Research supports multiple benefits of captioning, including CART real-time captioning services and transcription


Reading clear, accurate text of a presentation increases understanding


CART captioning allows broader audience participation, regardless of primary language, hearing status, or listening comprehension


Studies show use of captions increases short- and long-term recall of information


Our post-session transcripts for CART captioning sessions eliminates the need for note-taking, so participants can keep their attention on the speaker

What it does

When a session starts, our remote captioning agent accesses your audio feed and converts speech and non-verbal context—like laughter or applause—into text for users to view via our online feed on a tablet, laptop, or mobile device. Afterward, you can access a transcript. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

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On average, about $125 per hour. Naturally, a few factors impact the cost for your specific needs/situation. Our team can provide a more accurate estimate with a little more information. 

CART is an acronym for Communication Access Realtime Translation. That’s why we just call it CART. 

The captions you can access for television or streaming broadcasts are typically closed captions, meaning you must adjust a setting on your device to see them, and they’re usually a transcript of a pre-recorded video. 

CART live captions are an example of open captions, which are always visible, and as the name suggests (see the previous question), CART captions are real-time speech-to-text translation. 

Savvily. When the message matters, CART live captioning allows everyone to catch every word, better understand and remember it, and pay attention in the moment rather than frantically taking notes. You can always go back and refer to the full transcript later. 

Simply, they work for you. Our captioning agent listens to the audio of your event or presentation and converts it to text users see immediately, allowing them to follow along in real time without missing a beat. 

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